Ma's Book


By Ma - Charlotte Olga Murphy nee Petersen 1902 - 1994

This book is a compilation of sayings, poems and proverbs collected by my Grandmother in the later part of her life. Over the course of four decades she filled two small notebooks with words that resonated with her. If I had a problem I visited Ma, she never gave advice but instead handed me the little book which I would open at random and the magical words helped solve my problems.

Before Ma died in 1994 she gave the two books to my mother Betty, and before my mother dies in 2011 she entrusted them to me. So what you have here is a special collection of the wisdom of Ma - as relevant today as hen she wrote it.

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Movers and Shakers


Women in the Leichhardt municipality

Davidia Peteres & Jan Wood

Movers and Shakers are people who see something needs "doing" to improve the quality of life in our community, so they set about "doing" it.

Movers and Shakers have special qualities; stoicism, tenacity, determination, to name a few. Some are even downright difficult. But difficult tasks require this.

Being a Mover and Shaker requires an irrepressible spirit, and our political activists know that "shaking" the status quo can make one quite unpopular and life difficult, but they do it anyway.

Moving mountains, shaking systems, fighting injustice, inequality and discrimination has been a long, hard, political struggle. Luckily, our community has been blessed with an abundance of shakers and movers.

Some Movers and Shakers work quietly, modestly, diligently, happy to stay in the background, achieving great things.

This book aims to honor today's achievers as well as yesterday's and to highlight the fact that the quality of life we enjoy today is no accident, but the result of our continual striving.




When the Hormones Hit

A PARENT'S GUIDE TO TEENAGERS and what is "normal" (well sort of)

Janine Wood

When the Hormones Hit is a series of funny, but also tragic stories about the trials and tribulations of raising teenagers. In this book, parents will discover that their child's odd behavior is typical of teenagers from a broad cross-section of society.

The author, Janine Wood, writes about her subject as a parent of teenagers. Many of the stories she relates and the issues she covers are very personal, wherein lies her main strength as an author. This book has a guilty of integrity and truth which is often not found in a more "academic" approach to the social problems teenagers seem to generate. She speaks the truth about a subject which is so often cloaked in parental shame that their teenagers are not "normal, well sort of".

Parents reading this will find reassurance that "the teenage thing" is only a temporary stage. The chances are that their child will eventually become a rational human being again.