Coffee Break

Episodes 2014



Coffee Break 376 Quakers ts 23.11.14

Visit the quaker church in Darlinghurst and meet Jenny Madeline, who explains the WW1 Quaker exhibition. Quakers are non violent and conciencious objectors. This exhibition shows another side of war. The meet Row Morrow and Callista Barrit.


Coffee Break 378 Woman  and Piece ts 30.11.14 (remastered from 115)

This episode shows woman activists in the peace movement. A day in May, a short film made by nuclear disarmament activists. Then Dawn Atkinson explains Woman In Black. Then Irene Coats launches Mind the Gap.

WIB Lynette Chamas


Coffee Break 379 Keith/Margaret/WILPF ts 07.12.14

Dr Keith Suter - Peace activist and social commentator answers the question; Will we have peace in our time? Then meet Margaret Holmes founder of WILF Sydney in 1959.

Dr Suter


Coffee Break 380 Christmas Special ts 22.12.14

Meet Mary Van den Berk creator of Tribute Art. Mary and Jan discuss issues around Christmas. Then Keegan Noland and Jess Smallwood sing some Christmas songs.


Coffee Break 375 Fondue ts 16.11.14

Drop in to Back to Balmain Day in Elkington Park Birchgrove and meet Kath Hamey from the Balmain Association.

 Then meet Richard and Dorothy Sercombe and Dom Kennelly, members of a trio called Fondue.

Richard is engaged in his Pre Christmas Art Sale at the Balmain Watch House and they perform a couple of numbers for us. Balmain Association



Coffee Break 374 Leisle’s Late Nite Lounge ts 9.11.14

Leisle Grant, experienced TV Compere tells us about her new live to air programme screening on TVS next March. Leisle and Jan Wood are both veterans of Channel 31 and explain Commit To Community, a campaign to preserve Community TV broadcasting on Channel 44 Leisle Grant


Coffee Break 373 Movers And Shakers ts 2.11.14

In 2004, Davidia Peters and Jan Wood co authored “Movers and Shakers - Women of the Leichhardt Municipality”. Come to the Launch for International Women’s Day 2004 and then meet June Lunsmann and learn about women who have since died - Dee Peters, Jennifer Dowling, Kay Tripp and Dr Jean Lennane - all inspiring Movers and Shakers. Thankyou Leichhardt Council and Leichhardt Library.


Coffee Break Rpt Veli and his Beds ts 26.10.14


Coffee Break Rpt Telstrar Museum ts 19.10.14


Coffee Break 372 Julianne ts 12.10.14

Ten years ago Julianne Ross Allcorn, her husband and three small daughters starred in the ABC Reality TV show Outback House. For three months they lived, duplicating the lives of a squatters family in 1861. Julianne and her friend Barbie Hooper explain women’s under garments  and crinolines. Julianne explains some artefacts from the 1860’s


Coffee Break 371 Bridal Advice ts 5.10.14

Enjoy “Advice to a Young Bride 1893” -the advice coming from the Presybterian Minister’s wife.

This short film features Joy Hruby and Rachel Harvey. Then enjoy another short film “Advice to a Young Bride 1954” starring Valerie Lewis.

Then meet Hair stylist Miriam Van Cooten as she gives advice to twenty year old Cindy Carrol.

We close with Irene Coates expelling her parents wedding after the First World War and her own wedding after the Second World War.











Coffee Break 369 -WILPF/Margaret ts 21.9.14

Meet Dr Keith Suter, Peace Activist from Global Directions and Peace and learn about WILPF, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, a Peace organisation that originated in 1915. Then come back in time to 2002


Coffee Break 368 Veli’s Beds Ts 14.9.14

Dr Veli Solyali , Chiropractor and Anatomist, has designed a new style of bed.

Veli and Jan discuss issues around sleep and insomnia.


Coffee Break 367 Ivy’s Funeral Research TS 31.8.14

Ivy, in her 70’s now is researching issues around dying and what happens afterwards.

Ivy shares the insights on the Funeral Business that she has discovered in her research.


Coffee Break 366 Lace Balcony TS 24.8.14

Johanna Nicholls has recently published her third Australian Historic Romance novel, The Lace Balcony, published by Simon and Schuster in 2014. Johanna and Jan discuss eminent figures in Australian Colonial History.

Simon & Schuster

Caroline Simpson Library and Research Centre


Coffee Break 365- Ghost Gum Valley ts 17.8.14

Repeat of Episode


Coffee Break 364 -  Iron Bark TS 10.8.14

Johanna Nicholls first novel


Coffee Break 363 - TS 3.8.14


Coffee Break 362 - Kurrajongs TS 6.7.14

Ian Small wrote the Kurrajongs in 2006. It is a Novel/history of the Kurrajong Troup from Northern NSW who enlisted into the First World War.

This episode opens with a montage of artwork from the 2008 Gallipoli Memorial Club annual art Prize set to the original music of Pru “Harvest” Haggerty.



Coffee Break 361 Meredith and ASIO TS 26.6.14

Meredith  Burgmann recently published “Dirty Secrets - Our ASIO Files”.The statute of limitations of 30 years has ended and many people are now accessing their ASIO Files.

Footage from Pat Fiskes’s Documentary “Rocking the Foundations -the story of the BLU 1960s- 1974’ features in this episode.


Coffee Break 360 Caroline Ambrus TS 15.6.14

Caroline’s extraodinary Art Works recently featured in Canberra. Caroline, not shy about expressing The Dark Side, opens discourse on usually taboo topics e.g. The Psychpath, The Stalker….


Coffee Break 359 Manuela TS    6.14

Manuela  Grunanger visited Australia to research her thesis from Saltzburg University on the phenomena of Community TV around the world. Manuela shares her insights.


Coffee Break 358 Journeys ts 7.6.14

Journeys, the theme for NSW History week has created much discussion.

The Balmain Watch House, the base for Balmain’s Historic society hosts an exhibition by Duncan Macauslan on Sydney transport, particularly ferries and buses. June Lunsmann then takes us on a tour of the Balmain Watch House


Coffee Break 357 Glenys 10 Pound Pom ts 1.6.14

Glenys Thorn came to Australia in 1958 as a young single woman part of the 10 pound Pom emigration scheme. Glenys recalls her wartime experience as a child in England and then her adventures in Australia


Coffee Break 356 Old Man Eric ts 25.5.14

Eric Leo enjoys video archiving - it’s his passion. Eric talks about the technology involved and shows some of his work










Coffee Break 355 Conversation With Reen ts

Reen Gower and Jan Wood discuss issues about ageing. They point out the positives.


Coffee Break 354 Steve & Reen ts18.5.14

Be inspired by mother and son, Reen and Steve as they take us on a tour of their Home Made Homes in the Adelaide Hills


Coffee Break 353 Outback With Max ts 27.4.14

Come on a Helicopter flight over the top of Uluru and Kata Jita with Ray, Max and Jan Wood

Then enjoy photos from Julie Burdis book of her adventures working as a housemaid at ayers Rock in the late fifties. We finish with a montage of cruising through the Kimberley Ranges.

Julie Burdis

National Women’s Hall of fame


Coffee Break 352 Keegan ts 20.4.14

Keegan Nolan, talented young vocalist, sings for us and then discusses young women in the music industry


Coffee Break 351 Retirement with Martha ts 13.4.14

Martha Mollison and Jan wood discuss issues around retirement. Martha gives tips on networking

and Community Building


Coffee Break 350 CTV and Jan ts 30.3.14

Come back in time with Nina Puckeridge as Jan Wood explains her passion for Community TV since 1996. See Uscha Heilmann and her glass bras, and meet Camilla Di Dio from Woman and Earth. Jan gives tips on making Community TV


Coffee Break 349 Sarafina ts 30.3.14

Sarafina Power, artist, explains through her artwork, the fascination for Marianne, Patroness of the French Republic, since the French Revolution.


Coffee Break 348 Edna Ryan Awards Pt 2 ts 23.3.14

Anne Barber, dedicated Feminist explains the annual Edna Ryan Awards.

Come back in time to 2000, and meet Jozefa Sobski, recipient Tess Brill 2008

Denele Crozier, recipient 2007 is also featured.


Coffee Break 347 Edna Ryan Awards Pt 1 ts 16.3.14

Meet Anne Barber, a principle organiser of the annual Edna Ryan Awards until 2010

Watch Jan Wood receive an Edna in 2000 for her work with SWAN - School of Women Artists Network

Watch an interview in 2000 with Lyndel Ryan, one of Edna’s daughters.



Coffee Break 346 Pondering 2014 ts 9.3.14

What to do with a swimming pool that hasn’t been swum in for years? Turn it into a pond of course.

Watch the evolution of Jan’s garden from 1979 to 2014.

Visit Archvale Tout Farm to learn about stocking you pond over winter with Trout fingerlings.

Meet Wade, pond specialist as he explains water quality testing and see Daniel Johnson release Yabbies and Native fish 2013


Coffee Break 345 Xmas Special ts 22.12.13

Mad Mick from Joy’s World offers to cook a Christmas lunch for Joy and Jan using only Bush Tucker


Coffee Break 344 Bruce ts 15.12.14

Watch Jan’s brother in law Bruce, scuba dive in Jan’s pond with his underwater camera.

Then let Bruce show you his fabulous under sea photos of creatures living beneath the waters of Botany Bay