Coffee Break

Episodes 2013



Coffee Break 316 IWD Special ts 3.3.13

View a Jan Wood Montage of IWD 1997 where prominent feminists express their views.

Then Anne Barber from WEL and Beth Eldridge from the Older Women’s Network explain the principles of organising an IWD Rally. Then we go back in time to the Edna Ryan Awards 2008 where Beth Eldridge receives an Edna Ryan Award.


Coffee Break 317 Anne and Joan ts 10.3.13

Joan Bielski, one of the most significant women in Australian history passed away August 2012.

Women’s Electoral Lobby spokesperson, Anne Barber recounts some of WEL’s history and the part Joan Bielski played.


Coffee Break 318 Frank and Joan ts 17.3.13

Champion Political Activist and Women’s Advocate, Joan Bielski  passed away late 2012. Her brother Frank tells stories and shows photographs of what it was like growing up in the Depression as orphans. Then Frank share’s photos of Joan’s 80th birthday.

Frank Ward


Coffee Break 319 IWD 2013 ts 31.3.13

The Solidarity Choir launches International Women’s Day 2013 at Sydney Town Hall with Tara Moss as guest speaker; special topic, Nursing Mother’s Association.

Then we watch the March and at Circular Quay meet Kerry Wright, passionate human rights campaigner for women of Burma and Tibet.


Coffee Break 320 Mongolia ts 7.4.13

Max Wood, international traveller and Woodland Cinematographer, tells his mother, Jan Wood about his trip from Mongolia to Moscow aboard the Trans Siberian Railway in January 2013.

Travelling with Veronica Maia they share footage of their trip with us.


Coffee Break 320A Declutter ts 14.4.13

Glenda Sladen of Always Organised gives us her formula for decluttering your home and office.

Then we visit Laurel Fox at her Book Nook for tips on recycling second hand books.


Coffee Beak 324 Pond 2013 ts 28.4.13

Jan’s brother in law has a brief - to scuba dive in her pond and photograph creatures and water  flora. Then Wade, from Birkenhead Pets World test the pond water quality. We then travel back to 2012 and meet Daniel Johnson whose taxk it is to stock the pond with suitable Woodland creatures

Daniel Johnson


Coffee Break 325 WILPF ts 3.5.13

This is a repeat of episode 259. Meet Spider Redgold of WILPF - Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom at WILPF’s 95th birthday party in Mosman. Dr Helen Caldicott is the guest speaker and her topic is the danger of Uranium and Radiation.

Stefania Strezlecky, explains the aims of WILPF, meet Footsteps for Peace and then Naomi who explains The Department of Peace au







Coffee Break 326 Mothers and Daughters ts 12.5.13

For Mother’s Day we present an exhibition of artists and their mothers/artists and their daughters

We feature Tania Wursig, Kristina Brenke, Madeleine and Jessie Winch, Bridget - glass artist and Patti Robertson


Coffee Break 327 Dr Joanne ts 19.5.13

Dr Joanne Messenger, Blueprint Healer and Chiropractor explains her work in Energy.

She presents her book Be In One Peace


Coffee Break 328 Jeanette - Art Atrium ts 16.6.13

Jeanette Landstedt paints people in a Galactic Context. Enjoy her fascinating landscapes. Then meet Simon Chan, Art Atrium Gallery Director and current artist Fang Mi Wu.


Coffee Break 329 The Art of Julianne ts 7.7.13

Julianne Ross Allcorn is the Archetypal Artist. Enjoy Julianne’s beautiful art work.


Coffee Break 330 - IT Part 1 ts 14.7.13

Meet Web Master Stuart Parker who explains to Jan Face Book and Social Media

Enjoy My Mother Has a Boyfriend, a Jan Wood short film about Internet dating in 2000


Coffee Break 331 IT Part 2 ts 21.7.13

Aura Parker walks us through her App titled Nine Months on the Inside, a cute story of pregnancy from the Foetus’s perspective. Then Web Master Stuart Parker dismantles a computer to explain the different components.



Coffee Break 332 CRVA ts 4.8.13

Meet John Butcher and Peter Monroe, passionate proponents of the Cooks River Valley Association. Learn about the Cooks River which has its inception in Yagoona and winds through Sydney suburbia to empty into Botany Bay. The CRVA volunteers are committed to restoring the river so it will again be swimmable.


Coffee Break 333 Phone Museum ts 11.8.13

Meet Brian Mullins and Les Edwards who are passionate volunteers withe the Telstrar Museum in Kitchener Parade Bankstown Sydney. Both founding members have hands on experience of the evolution of the telecommunication systems from the 1950’s

Brian Specialises in the telephone, Les in the Telegraph and Morse Code

Telstrar Museum 02 9790 7624


Coffee Break 334 Peg and Lucy ts 18.8.13

Meet Peggy Hewett and Lucy Porter, both passionate performers with the Older Women’s Network Theatre Group. They and the other members performed in the 1990’s and early 2000’s educating people in issues around ageing.

Come back in time to Stop Domestic Violence Day Circular Quay 1997 where they perform a moving and intimate unveiling of their own experience of domestic violence.

Enjoy Off the Beaten Track, a doco of their interstate performances in the late nineties.







Coffee Break 335 Dr Anna ts 1.9.13

Dr Funing Guo, Dr Anna has been a practising Chinese Herbal Medicine for many, many years.

Her specialty is treating fertility ssues


Coffee Break 336 Ferries ts 8.9.13

Steve Leadenham, artist and Neil Duncan, photographer are passionate about Ferries.

Come and visit their exhibition at the Balmain Watch House, the home of the Balmain Association.


Coffee Break 337 Bamboozled ts15.9.13

Michael Patterson AKA Mr Bamboozle, entertains us with his Magical Show for children and explains how he came to be a Magician


Coffee Break 338 Nancy’s Shells ts 29.9.13

Nancy, Founder of Shell Essences, creates beautiful healing essences from Shell energies.

Energy is basic to everything

Watch Jan wood’s short film Water as a Metaphor for the Seven Deadly Sins.

Nancy takes us on a tour of some of her Shell Products


Coffee Break 339 Leisle ts 10.11.13

Leisle Grant and Jan Wood share stories of their programmes made at CTV1 for Channel 31 Sydney back in the early days



Coffee Break 340 Balmain Painters 2013 ts 17.11.13

Balmain Painter’s group meet regularly to paint local scenes.

Meet Jenny Saunders -Thompson, Peter Baldwin, Barbara Hamilton and Carly Lopez


Coffee Break 341 Declutter with Glenda Pt 2 ts 24.11.13

Glenda Sladen hates clutter. She gives us tips on decluttering your home and office


Coffee Break 345 Xmas Special ts 22.12.13Mad Mick from Joy’s World offers to cook a Christmas lunch for Joy and Jan using only Bush Tucker