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Episodes 2011



Show 275 Jan's Christmas TS 25.12.11 Meet Marea Bertolini who explains a Scottish Christmas. Then Jan works on her autobiography, Chapter 6: Jan's experiences of Christmas. Meet Georgia Gadd who describes an English Christmas.

Camera Holly Attwell


Show 272 Mark TS 4.12.11 Meet Mark Barbeliuk from " Mark My Word". Mark and Jan debate "Is Australia a blokey, blokey place?"

Camera Marea Bertolini


Show 273 Doctor Joanne TS 18.12.11 Meet Doctor Joanne Messenger who works in Energy Fields. Watch Jan Wood' s short film " Water as a Metaphor - the seven deadly sins. " Joanne explains her book " Be In One Peace- essential skills for thriving on the new world. " She then explains her techniques of Blue Print healing.


Show 271 Design 2 X 2 TS 20.11.11 Come to the Balmain Watch House to the " Designing with Fabric" expedition. Enjoy the fabric art of Aura Parker, Pepa Martin, Karen Davis, Elke Klein, Marena Von Behr. Listen to the music especially composed for the exhibition Stephan Schafer.


Show 270 JSNWL Luncheons TS 6.11.11 Meet Barbara Henery, a volunteer at the Jessie Street of National Women's Library. Each year the Library holds a fundraising luncheon at State Parliament House. Here is a snippet of Doctor Kerryn Phelps speech as guest speaker. Then travel back in time to 2006 and hear snippets of Helen Reddy' s talk. Then we listen to Barbara Henery' s Librarian report.


Show 268 Carol TS 9.10.11 Meet Caroline Ambrus of Irrepressible Press. She shows us some of her stunning artwork and then books she has published in her prolific career has artist, writer and activist.


Show 267 Easy Rider TS 2.10.11 Jan Wood decided that exercising on an exercise bike is too boring so she investigates buying an adult tricycle from Balmain Bikes.

Balmain Bikes 02 95556456


Show 266 Design 2 TS 25.9.11 Five talented fabric designers talk about their up coming exhibition at the Balmain Watch House. Meet the artists Aura Parker, Marena Von Behr, Elke Klein, Pepa Martin and Karen Davis.


Show 265 Peace/WILPF TS 17.9.11 Meet Doctor Keith Suter, well known peace activist. Come back in time to May 2011 to WILPF's 95th birthday party. Then we honour Stella Cornelius who devoted her life to conflict resolution.


Show 264 Turning 60 TS 3.9.11 Marea Bertolini drops into Woodland for a coffee and to help Jan organize her 60th birthday party. Marea, an events organizer, talks Jan through the details of organizing an event. Holly Atwell on camera


Show 263 Book Buying TS 28.8.11 Let' s drop in to the Feminist Bookshop in Orange Grove Plaza and meet Cat, one of the new owners. Cat tells us the principles of the bookshop and then Lisa takes us on tour of the children's book section. Meet Jo, another co-owner, as she explains her role in the business.


Show 262 Janet's Turtles TS 28.1.11 Meet Jeanette Landstedt who loves turtles and creates artwork on this theme. This year she took her exhibition to France and Sweden and Jeanette tells the story of her trip and shows us her photographs.


Show 261 Russia TS 14.8.11 Meet Tatyana Mamanova and Carmella Di Dio at the New South Wales Writers ' Centre in May 1997 when they were promoting their Woman and Earth Conference to be held in St Petersburg in December 1997. Jan Wood attended the Conference and recorded her experiences. We now look at the documentary, "An Australian Housewife goes to Russia. "









Show 260 Everything TS 3.8.11 Meet Barbara Toner, author of "What to do about Everything". Enjoy a montage of Vee Melnar's painting "A Day in her Life".


Show 259 WILPH TS 24.7.11 Come and celebrate WILPF's 95th birthday with Dr. Helen Caldicortt. Meet the women who are involved in Footsteps for Peace and meet Stefania Siedlecky.


Show 255 Jessie Street TS 17.6.11 Michelle Ginswck and Jan Wood explain the Jessie Street National Women's Library then Marie Muir takes us on a tour. Travel back in time to State Parliament House for Helen Reddy's luncheon talk. Then we meet Shirley Jones, co founder of the library.


Show 254 Barbie's Barbie TS 10.7.11

Julianne Ross Allcorn returns to talk about Art tours at Outback House near Dubbo. Artists who participated last year explain their ideas and their art.


Show 253 Ivy Part 2 TS 3.7.11 Ivy and Jan play Barbie's Grandma in the Rozelle Red Cross shop. Then we sit in Ivy's garden and she talks about her life and her work. Then we follow Ivy to the actors forum.


Show 252 Joanne TS 26.6.11 Meet Dr. Joanne Messenger who pioneers Blue Print Healing. Watch Jan Woods short film "Water" - metaphor for the Seven Deadly Sins. And then Joanne explains what is Blue Print Helium.


Show 251 Anita Part 2 TS 19.6.11 Meet the elusive Anita Rezeska as she takes us on a tour of her exquisite artwork in her house.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 250 Marilyn TS 12.6.11 John Tristram from Juniper Films explains his documentary concerto Vusika which was made in 1994. It starred the budding concert pianist Marilyn Meire and her visit to her grandfather in Tonga where she played a special performance for the King. A concert to raise funds for Marilyn who is quite ill was performed at Knox College in May 2011.


Show 249 Blue Mountains TS 5.6.11 Madeleine Northey hosts this episode. She takes us on a tour of Katoomba and then we visit the Jenolin Caves and go on a tour of the Lucas.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 248 Julianne TS 29.5.11 Meet Julianne Ross Allcorn and come back in time to 2008 where Julianne had an exhibition at Art at Home Gallery. Then we jump forward to 2010 for a birds eye view of Juliannes art class. Then Julianne takes us on a tour of her current artwork.


Show 247 Gallipoli Club 24.4.11 Julianne Ross Allcorn drops by and talks to Jan Wood about the Gallipoli Art Prize. We then go back in time to see last years exhibit and Julianne speaking about her entry.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 245 Sufferage 8.5.11 We visit Parliament House to see the Centenary of International Women's Day exhibit curated by the Jessie Street National Womens Library. We meet Helen Westwood, Karen McEwen, and Jan Burnswood as they take us on a tour of the show and talk about the history of the women's movement and what was involved in setting up the show. We also meet Shirley Jones founder of the JSNWL.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 244 La Porte Rouge 1.5.11 We meet Stina Korsell owner of Antique Floors and La Porte Rouge gallery in Balmain. Jan Wood interviews artist Jeanette Landstedt about the work she had on show at La Porte Rouge. Jeanette takes us through the gallery as she explains her thoughts and processes behind some of her work.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 243 Womens Health Centre 17.4.11
We visit the Leichhardt Women's Community Health Centre with Jan Wood and meet Jo Perks. Jo and Jan discus the history of the centre , women's health and menopause. We end the show with a brief tour of the facilities.

Edited by Madeleine Northey

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Show 242 IWD 2011 10.4.11 Jan Wood takes us to see the International Womens Day March for 2011. We meet the WILMA drummers and talk to Michelle about women drivers on the ferry and buses. Jan joins the rally in a Pedapod and interviews Pedpod business owner Lyn. Beth Eldrige talks about the march and the History of Suffergettes exhibit at parliament. The show ends with Jan walking through the meeting place in Martin Place and interviewing women at the event.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 241 Menopausal 27.3.11 Jan Wood interviews Mrtina Goulden about menopause and shows Martina her short film "My Mother has boyfriend".


Show 240 CTV 1 3.4.11 Tom Rainey and Jan Wood explore the history of CTV1 in Redfern and the beginning of community television in Sydney. We watch snippet of the shows that aired starting in 1991 including Get the Picture, Patchwork, and a visit with Joy Ruby.


Show 239 WWII pt II 20.3.11 The show begins with Jan Wood looking at her SWAN project "WWII Through Women's Eyes Portfolio". We then visit Irene Sage at her home as she remembers WWI as a young woman and her experiences growing up in that time. Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 238 WWII pt I 13.3.11 Jan Wood showcases her short film "Sydney Kids '42'" and shares behind the scenes stories. Madeleine Northey and Jan look at photos while Jan talks about the experience for Australians on the home front during World War II.Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 237 Ironbark 27.2.11 Joanna Nicholls drops by Coffee Break and talks with Jan Wood about her book "Ironbark". Jan and Joanna talk about their shared passions for Australian history, the importance of artists in recording that history and their favourite bushrangers.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 236 Garry McDougall 20.2.11 Garry McDougall talks with Jan Wood about his new book, which tells the story of Louis Gabriel in Gundagai. He shares prints of Louis Gabriel's photos and they discuss the living conditions of the times and the beginning of Australia.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 235 Irene Coates In this episode Jan Wood shares stories of her mentor and close friend Irene Coates. Jan reminisces about their organization SWAN and shows us some footage of Irene as she prepares to move back to the U.K. In the old footage Irene takes us on a tour of her 2002 exhibit at the Braemar Gallery in Springwood and we watch her speech at the launch of her book "Mind the Gap" in 2004.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 232 IWD pt I 30.1.11 Jan Wood celebrates International Womens Day 2011 by looking back at the 2010 march. She talks with Kaelan about what IWD means and talks with fellow feminists about its importance.


Show 231 At Home with Anita 6.2.11 We visit the home of artist Anita Rezevska. Anita shows us her latest completed work as share with us her stories and past sculptures, paintings and drawings.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 230 Memories 15.1.11 Sandy Belau and Jan Wood take a trip down memory lane, visiting their primary school and sharing stories of their childhood. They take us on a tour of Balmain East comparing it in 2010 to as they remember it in 1960.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 229 Royal Oak II 2.1.11 Lorenzo Spano cooks Jan Wood a meal and talks with Jan about his career and family background in cooking. Marueen Thornett discuss the concepts behind the Royal Oaks restaurant. The show closes with Jan interviewing Matt Byron who works at the Royal Oak. Edited by Madeleine Northey