Coffee Break

Episodes 2010



Show 228 Christams Special 26.12.10 Jan Wood and Madeleine Northey talk about what an Aussie Christmas is and how it differs from a Canadian one. Madeleine interviews Santa and talks about her artwork in textile design and beading.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 227 Royal Oak 1 19.12.10
Jan Wood interviews Maureen Thornett about the challenges of running a hotel and the beer culture in Australia. We learn about the changes in Balmain and go on an art tour of the Royal Oak. Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 226 SAWA 2010 12.12.10 At the SAWA Luncheon Karen Pakula interviews Juliet Sheen about women's rights in Afghanistan. We learn about the crafts that SAWA sells and how the profits go towards helping women in Afghanistan. Dawn Atkinson speaks about the status of women in the world and how SAWA is working to improve the rights of women. Jane Sampson shows us the SAWA bags that are a main part of SAWA's awareness raising merchandise. Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 225 Common Ground Exhibit 5.12.10 In this episode we meet Barbie, Leonie and Caroline as they share their artwork in their show Common. They talk about their starts as artists and what is involved in setting up an art exhibit. Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 224 Suzzane 28.11.10 We meet Suzanne Francis as she shows Jan Wood her quilting work and demonstrates silk dyeing techniques. Suzanne talks about her travels around the world and how they have influenced her work. She also shares her plans for her up and coming online craft supply store Craft Gate.


Show 223 Greg Grainger 28.11.10
Greg Grainger drops by coffee break and talks to Jan about some of his adventures around the world. They discuss his show Travel Oz and his favourite places in Australia as well as copyright issues in film and how to get started in the industry. Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 222 Termites 14.11.10
Jan Wood interviews Nick and James from Systems Pest Management about termites, the damage they cause and what steps can be taken to prevent them from entering our homes. Jan then shares her personal experience with termites and the process it took to get rid of them.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 221 JSNWL 31.10.10 This episode begins at the Annual Jessie Street National Womens Library Parliamentary Lunch for 2010. We watch a sample of guest speaker Ann Sherry's speech and Jan interviews some students from Riverside Girls High School about their understanding of feminism. The show then moves to the JSNWL and we are taken on a tour of the library with Marie Muir.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 220 Kurrajongs 7.11.10

Jan Wood interviews Ian Small about his book "The Story of the Kurrajongs" and the history of these men in WWI. They also discuss the class system in Australia verses Great Britain and the role women played during the war.

Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 219 High Maintenance Pt 2 24.10.10 Graphic designer Pepa Martin talks about her work for Switch Stick and the director of the company discusses the stigma that surrounds traditional walking sticks. Jan Wood discusses the extra care older citizens have to take with their aging bodies with massage therapist Blanca Quincoces and chiropractor Caterina Walsh. Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 218 David 3.10.10 We view a montage of Jan Wood's Portrait painted by Irene Gower in 1999. Then come and meet David Vogel who has commissioned to do the framing. Come on a tour of Australian Natural Timber Framing with David and learn about modern framing techniques.


Show 217 Energy 28.9.10 for the Seven Deadly Sins. Martina Goulden and Jan Wood discuss feelings, and then we visit Claire McCauley at Nature's Energy and talk about the power of positive thinking.






Show 216 Teenagers 21.9.10 Martina Goulden from Earth Mother Earths Child visits Jan for a coffee and Jan explains her book When the Hormones Hit: A guide to what is "normal "(well sort of) . We then view Irene Gower's paintings which illustrate aspects of teenagers and parenting.


Show 215 Art lesson 5.9.10 Meet Julianne Allcorn Ross, Lisa Lintion Frost, Jacky Lawes, Vivian Mewing, Louise Smith, Barbra Wade, and Andrea Williams, who are having an art lesson. Then come to Breathing Colours Gallery in Balmain to view their exhibition of completed works. Julianne Ross Allcorn 0405625912


Show 214 Design 2.6.10 The fabric design girls from episode 205 have their exhibition hanging in the Balmain Watch House. So meet each of them plus Stephan Schafer.

Aurah Wood-

Pepa Martin-

Elke Klein-

Marena Von


Show 213 Joyce 29.8.10 Joyce Mills shows Jan Wood some of her paintings. Then we celebrate Joyce's 96th birthday at the Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre.


Show 212 Ednas 222.88.10 Anne Barber and Jan Wood talk about the annual Edna Ryan award. Come back in time to 2000 when Jan Wood interviews Lyndel Ryan about her mother, political activist Edna Ryan. Then we travel back to 2008 to hear Beth Eldridge and her acceptance speech of her Edna Ryan. Then in 2010 we feature Kat Armstrong. Gabe Cavanagh, and Rita Campbell.

Show 211 Jenny 15.8.10 Meet Jenny Porter from Sydney Wildlife Rescue and learn about caring for our native animals in an urban environment. Sydney Wildlife 0294134300

Edited by Madeleine Northey

Show 210 Caterina 8.8.10 Meet Caterina Walsh, Jan Wood's chiropractor. Together they explore issues around aging.


Show 208 Martina 25.7.10 Meet Martina Goulden from Earth Mother Earth's Child as she talks about women's reproductive health. Then come on a tour of Jan's home movies and photo collection to illustrate milestones in a woman's life. Edited by Madeleine Northey


Show 206 Martha 18.7.10 Meet Martha Mollison who teaches video editing.


Show 207 Max 11.7.10 Max Wood has sailed around the world and he meets up with his mother Jan Wood to talk of his adventures and so show us his footage of sailing down the Panama Canal.


Show 205 Fabric Design 4.7.10
Meet Aurah Wood, Marena Von Behr, Pepa Martin, and Elke Klein.


Show 204 Balmain Painters 27.6.10
The Balmain Painters meet regularly in the local area to paint the landscape. Meet the artists Barbara Hamilton, Mary Cullen, Pamela Neville, and Jenny Saunders and view their beautiful artwork.


Show 203 June 20.6.10 Meet June Lunsmann from the Balmain Association as she takes us on a tour of the old colonial lockup now called the Balmain Watch House.

Then meet Trish Yates and Yvonne Laveston of the Okapi Group who have an exhibition hanging in the Watch House.


Show 200 Books 15.6.10
Jan Wood and Jan Aitken talk books.


Show 199 Ask Her 31.5.10 Meet Sandra D'Souza and Tina Clark who founded Ask Her.


Show 198 Ivy 23.5.10 We visit Ivy who is a volunteer in the Red Cross Shop Rozelle. Then we visit Ivy and the Stitch and Bitch group in Hannaford Centre in Rozelle. Then Jan and Ivy play Barbie's Grandmother, when Ivy uses Jan as a model for some of the clothes in the store.

Show 197 Joy's World 16.5.10 Joy Hruby, queen of community TV in Sydney and Jan Wood discuss their passion for making community TV. Come on a tour of Joy's garage aka studio and then watch Joy in action as the drama teacher at the Coast Centre.









Show 196 Stop Violence 2.5.10 This program features archival footage of Stop Domestic Violence Day at Circular Quay, Sydney 1997.


Show 195 Travelling Suitcase 18.4.10 Come back in time to 1999 and meet Virginia Handmer who hosted the Travelling Suitcase exhibition Rylstone. Then Jan Wood tells the story of the Travelling Suitcase Exhibition. Incorporating how it travelled to China in 1995 for the Fourth World Conference on Women. Then Irene Coates explains her exhibition Angles of Vision, in Penrith in 1999.


Show 194 Age and Memory 11.4.10
Robyn Mah takes us on a tour of the exhibition Age and Memory at the Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre. Then Robyn and Jan discuss issues around ageing. Then meet the indomitable Joyce Mills.


Show 193 Feminist Bookshop 4.4.10
Meet Gail Hewison from the Feminist Bookshop and come back in time to the year 2000 when Jan Wood received an Edna Ryan Award. Learn more about Edna Ryan from her memorial service in 2004. Back to the Feminist Bookshop Libby Silva co-owner of the bookshop talk about her feminism and we travel back in time to 1997 where the Voices of Gaia perform a concert in the Feminist Bookshop.


Show 192 LCMCC 14.3.10
Meet Robyn Mah who is the Director of the Lane Cove Music and Cultural Centre at 266 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove.

Experience the opening night of •From The City With Love• an exhibition by Vee Malnar, Lesley Dimmick and Irena Storay. Then find out more about the Lane Cove Music and Cultural centre by meeting some of the people who work and exhibit there.


Show 191 Digital Part 1 7.3.10 Come to Storm Video in Gladesville and meet Bob Gallacher. Then come back in time to May the 31st 1942 to Jan Wood•s short film made in 1995. Sydney Kids •42 honours the child•s contribution to the War Effort. Set on one of the nights that Sydney Harbour was torpedoed by the Japanese.

Then Bob explains digital TV and digital technology.


Show 190 IWD Special 28.2.10 Meet Anne Barber and Beth Eldridge who explain International Women's Day March and Rally.

Then come back in time to experience IWD Sydney 2008, the 100th Anniversary of IWD.

Then be entertained by Beth Eldridge's poem as she accepts her Edna Ryan Award.


Show 189 The Entrance 21.2.10 Repeat from Coffeebreak 137


Show 188 Balmain Locals 14.2.10

Come to the Balmain Watch House and let June Lunsmann take you on a tour of this historic building. Then and meet photographer David Liddle who shows us his book of photographs of Balmain locals in the early 70•s to early 80•s. Then Barbara Hamilton shows us some of her photographs of contemporary Balmain locals.


Show 186 Glebe 31.1.10 In 2009 The Glebe Chamber of commerce organized an outdoor photographic gallery of 150 Glebe locals, to celebrate 150 years of Glebe•s history. Eulalie Moore explains the outdoor gallery. Paul Angell, Tom Psomotragos and North Sullivan explain the how, why, when and where of the photos.


Show 185 Mondo Marrickville (repeat) 24.1.10 See coffee break 145


Show 184 Home Made Home 17.1.10
Meet two remarkable Women, Irene Gower and Irene Pearce who have created their own homes on a minimal budget. Irene Gower•s house is made of rocks and Irene Pearce has converted a disused water tank.


Show 183 SAWA Screening 10.1.10
Meet Tamina from RAWA, Revolutionary Afghani Women•s Association. Then come to Finola•s restaurant where Dawn Atkinson and her helpers organize a fund raiser for SAWA. Meet Jane Samspon, Herma Siepr, Sue Ndwala and Nina Burridge. /


Show 182 AIE Screening 3.1.10 Come back in time to 1997 and Anita Johnson explains her sculptures Bodily Felt. Then watch Apparatus for Invoking Empathy, a short film made recently by Anita. Then she shows us photos of her current sculptural works.