Coffee Break

Episodes 2009



Show 181 Jan and Sol Screening 27.12.09
Go back in time to 1972 to Jan•s wedding then fly to thirty years later and meet her grandchildren. Then Jan visits her hairdresser, Sol from Sol to Soul Hair Salon when Jan shows Sol photos illustrating her aging process.


Show 180 Rita Screening 20.12.09 Meet Erietta Nastoulis and be a fly on the wall at her niece•s wedding. Then visit Rita in her kitchen as she explains how she emigrated here from Greece in the 1970•s.


Show 179 Framing Screening 13.12.09 In 1999 Irene Gower painted Jan Wood•s portrait to submit to the Portia Geach Memorial Art Prize. Jan decides it•s now time to re-frame and has chosen the Breathing Colours team for advice. Meet Chloe Waddell, Carl Noonan and Lauren Keir as they explain their artwork. Then Chloe takes us on a tour of her shelves.


Show 178 Ruby and Bullagan Screening 6.12.09 Meet Bulligan, Aboriginal Artist as he shows us some of his paintings and explains his process. Then Ruby Langford Ginniby takes us on a tour of her published books. The books explain the Aboriginal perspective and Ruby•s life experiences. Ruby•s books available at


Show 177 Tafe Assignment Part 2 screening 29.11.09 Jan Wood tells Kate the story of her history in Community TV. We go back in time to 1996 to a snippet of patchwork, produced and screened at CTV1 in Redfern. Anne Flanaghan demonstrates some watercolour techniques. Then we go to 1997 to the SWAN Art Show Archives. In 2001 Jan turned her spare room into a coffee shop set. Meet the Glascow girls, Febuary 2002 talk about their impressions of Australia. The show ends with Helen L•Orange from WEL. Talks about the life of Edna Ryan at the 2009 Edna Ryan Awards and reads a dated document from the 1960•s.


Show 176 Tafe Assignment Part 1 screening 22.11.09 Kate Bader, studying Community Development at Tafe needs to interview someone about their work in Community. Jan Wood agrees and they put the cameras on the tripod and Kate submits a Coffeebreak episode as her assignment. In this episode we look at the work on Marie Peter Toltz, The Story of SWAN (School Of Women Artists Network). And a little about the traveling suitcase.


Show 175 Irene Coates screening 17.11.09
At Home with Irene Coates, Blackheath 1999, Irene tells her wedding stories. Then to Braemar Gallery for her Nudes and Orchids Exhibition. Contact


Show 174 Art Spacing screening 8.11.09
Artist Jeanette Landstedt takes us on a tour of some of her portraits, which often feature images of outer space. Jeanette and Christopher Downie invite Jan to lunch. Christopher then takes Jan on a tour of his Alien portraits.


Show 173 The Art of Jan screening 1.11.09 Bowen Pearce and 18 year old Balmain boy, volunteers to be Jan•s camera person for the day. She takes him on a tour to the Zig Zag in East Balmain, where she played as a little girl. The Zig Zag now a park was, back in the fifties a part of the Steam Ship Company. As in those days Balmain was heavily industrial waterfront land use. Jan then takes us on a tour of her paintings titled, A Patchwork Of Memories Growing Up in the Fifties and Sixties.


Show 172 The Art Of Marie screening 25.10.09 Meet Marie Peter Toltz, a young artist born in France. Then we go to Art At Home and Meet Elizabeth Alvanon, The curator of the gallery. Marie then takes us on a tour of her paintings, which she painted in Paris before coming to Australia.


Show 171 Garden Of Evolution screening 18.10.09 Come on a trip back in time to the back yard of Jan•s family•s house where they moved to in 1979. Then Come on a tour of the garden as it is today. Then see the swimming pool as it is today stocked with Coy Carp.


Show 170 Beijing + 15 screening 20.9.09
Time Travel back to 1995 to snippets of archival footage of the Forum accompanying the 4th World Conference on Women in China, Then meet Carole Shaw from JERA International Equity, Rights and Access. Judith Van Unen and their project • Caravans for Beijing + 15.


Show 169 Granny Duty screening 6.9.09
Come with Jan and her grandson to the hairdressers Sol with Soul where she attempts a TV show whilst on Granny Duty .Sol from Sol with Soul gives Rory a haircut whilst explaining about her self and hair. Then Rory is taken on a tour with Alicia around Zig Zag Zoug Toy Shop.








Show 167 Portia/Danelle Time Travel back to 2005 to the H.S Ervin Gallery and the Portia Geach Memorial Art Prize. Annette Butterfield speaks on the life and times of Portia Geach Then back to 2002 to the talk by Nancy Bird Walton on her work as a pioneer in the aviation industry. Then meet Danelle Bergstrom, portrait artist, talks about her work.


Show 166 Ballast Part 2 screening 16.8.09 Come on a tour of Sydney's newest National Park at Ballast Point Birchgrove with Philip Coxall, Landscape Architect.


Show 165 Ballast Part 1 screening 8.09
A montage of the Ballast Point Park opening on the 11th July, 2009 featuring the music of the John Edser Jazz Quartet. Erin Gibson from Conservation Volunteers talks about her organization and then Phillip Coxall, Landscape Architect, Kathleen Hamey, Balmain Association Historian, Robyn Bracken, artist and Di Talty, Director SHFA talk about aspects of the new park.


Show 164 Irina screening 2.8.09
In June 2009 Irina Dunn explains her Feminism. Then Time Travel back to 1996, Parliament House, Sydney for the Foundation of Australian Women's Forum on Feminism. Irina introduces Dale Spender who talks about her Feminism. Then Time Travel to 2002 to the NSW Writers' Centre where Irina Ruby Langford Ginibi.


Show 163 Barbie's Barbie Part 2 screening 26.7.09 Julianne Allcorn, Barbie Hooper Tzeming Chen, Tessa Myee, Karen Lumsdaine and Tommy Wood explains his short film Sugar's Rubbish


Show 162 Barbie's Barbie Part 1 screening 19.7.09 Outback House the set for the ABC Julianne Ross Allcorn and Barbie Hooper explain the Artwork from the workshop, Neville Dawson shows us his painting etc. Francesca Bova. Caroline Lobsey, June Stone, Barbie Hooper


Show 161 Outback screening 12.7.9 Julianne Allcorn and Barbie Hooper explain Outback House, The Clothes worn and toiletries used in 1861. Contact: Julianne 0450 625 912 Barbie 0417 076815


Show 159 (A) A Crabbie Episode screening 21.6.09 Crabbing Montage t Lake Macquarie. Terry's seafood shop where he explains where the crabs come from, Glenn's vegetable shop where he talks about onions. Aunty Molly's Octoberfest •Toni Stevens. Then sightseeing. Toni Stevens : Music by Marilyn Meier :


Show 159 Breathing Colours screening 28.6.09 Chloe Waddell explains the shop / studio Breathing Colours. The Art of Szilvia Gyorgy. Barbie Hooper, Leonie Robison. 02 9555 8543


Show 157 Sophie screening 14.6.09

Rerun of Show 80.


Show 156 WILPF screening 24.5.9
Stefania Siedlecky receives an Edna Ryan Award 2008 for her life's workin Family Planning. At home, Stefania talks about her involvement with WILPF (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom) with Michelle Cavanagh, as guest speaker. Then travel to Humanist House to meet other WILPFers. Then Time Travel back to 2002 and meet the wonderful Margaret Holmes, founder of the NSW WILPF branch in 1959


Show 156 (A) Russia A • hr Documentary on Jan Wood's trip to the, The Women and Earth Conference St Petersburg December 1997. The Conference was organized by Tatyana Mamanova and Camilla Di Dio. Eco feminists from around the planet came to network and brainstorm.


Show 154 Chloe screening 31.5.9 Chloe and Brad talk about their Art Magazine. Performance. Location shots, launch issue 1, Chloe's music Contact Chloe 0405 905 354 Mastered 19.5.09


Show 154 (A) TAP Lesley screening 17.5.09
Tim Edmundson, Royal Botanic Gardens Trust, Lesley Dimmick at the Equinox Exhibition. Heba six weeks later at the Pyrmont Art Prize Then The Band, Art show continued. Contact Tug Dumbley 0413503027 Royal Botanical Gardens Tap Gallery Mastered 5.5.09


Show 153 Granny Talk screening 10.5.09 High School 30th, The Strawberry Milkshake, Jan's Home Movies 1979-1981. Own Concert 1.11.08 Contact High School 30th Denice Hurst Smith Mastered 28.4.09


Show 151 Edna Ryan screening 3.5.09 Time Travel May 2000, Lyndall Ryan presents Anne Barber with an Edna Award. Jan Wood receives an Edna Award, Eva Cox talks about edna Ryan and Suzanne Bellamy receives an Edna Award also.






Show 150 Dr Joanne screening 26.4.09
Jan intro, Susan O'Brien. Dr Joanne Messenger, Workshopping in Gordon. Contact Joanne Messenger P.O. Box 566 Woodend, Vic 3442 0410668070


Show 149 Irene Coates Part 1 screening 19.4.09 At Home with Irene Coates, Blackheath 1999, Irene tells her wedding stories. Then to Braemar Gallery for her Nudes and Orchids Exhibition. Contact


Show 148 Anita Larkin screening 12.4.09 Object Incognito


Show 146 Melody Pie screening 4.4.09 Angie Paice, Neil Lemon and Nick. Rozelle Markets, Songathon Freedom to the World DVD then back to Jan's dining room concert. Contact Angie Paice


Show 144 Mondo Marrickville screening 29.3.09 Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Camperdown. Mondo Marrickville, Chris Downie's Alien portraits. Ursula Burgoyne • CeramicistOvum Marrickvillosaurus, Gil Burgoyne installation. Jeanette Landstedt, Multimedia Works. Contact Chris Downie and Jeanette Gil and Ursula


Show 143 Battle Axe Susan screening 15.3.09 Battle Axe explanations, OWN Office with Beth, Susan's Story, OWN Concert footage 2008, Susan's short film. Contact OWN 92477046


Show 141 IWD Part 2 screening 8.3.09
Anne Barber and Beth Eldridge debate •Why Aren't We There Yet•? Then we Time Travel to 1996 for the the issues that were relevant Then enjoy Beth Eldridge's poem that she recited after receiving an Edna Ryan Award in 2008.


Show 140 IWD Part 1 screening 1.3.09
Time Travel back to 1997 for the International Women's Day March. Followed by 1998 IWD interviews. Then to 2008 International Women's Day footage.


Show 139 Jan Roberts screening 22.2.09
Jan Roberts, author and historian talks about her published books, particularly Maybanke Anderson •18888458 1927 and her work in Suffrage and social reform. Then •Voices of a Lost World• • oral histories of Colonials living in Papua New Guinea prior to Japanese Invasion.


Show 138 Sailing screening 15.2.90 Meet Max Wood, Sailing instructor and adventure film maker. He shares his documentary footage of Pat Fiske fishing in the Louisiade Passage, off Papua New Guinea. Pat Fiske tells a little of her life as Feminist, Activist and filmmaker. She shares some footage of Rocking The Foundations made in the early eighties.


Show 137 The Entrance screening 8.2.09
While the Executive Producer takes his nephew fishing, Jan Wood catches up with Her Niece and new baby. Then meet Robert Ray, Professional fisherman who explains fish stocks. Then meet Filemon Monoleskos, Manager at the Fisherman's Wharf restaurant. Then enjoy watching Debra Maksim, the Pelican Feeder.


Show 136 Universe screening 1.2.09
Jeanette Landstedt's portrait, Christopher Downie shows us his Alien portrait collection Contact Christopher Downie


Show 135 Strong Women screening 25.1.09 Bronwyn Bancroft explains Women of Strength Exhibition at the Chrissie Cotter Gallery November 2008. Then she explains the artists work, Jessica Burke. Contact Bronwyn Bancroft www.bronwyn 9810 5118


Show 134 Irene screening 18.1.09 June 2004, Irene Coates talks about Philosophy while she does dishes for an open house inspection, Irene talks about her book •Mind The Gap•


Show 133 Enviroflections Part 2 screening 11.1.09 Cecile Pauly May 2005, Spot and Douglas Enviroflecions opening 4.6.06. The Hanging and the Art of Barbara Hush, The art of Anne Flanagan


Show 132 Enviroflections Part 1 screening 4.1.09 Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre 4.6.06 Barbara, Kathryn, Cecile and Jan's Enviroflection • Earth Day Exhibition. Kathryn McConnochie Anne Flanagan. Jan's short film 'Impressions'